We Are Sundance

That was then…


The original band formed in the mid-70s and toured the eastern seaboard until disbanding in 1983. In the time before the disco era and club DJs, a talented band playing quality music could work seven nights a week if they had the stamina.

Working for a relentless booking agent in the 1970s, the band Sundance was that band playing night clubs, concerts, and resorts seven nights a week. Karen Cappelli, the lead vocalist, was put through the test of vocal resilience night after night, week after week until one day her counterpart, then-husband and band bass player, George Wehrlin, made a call to their agent—the late Kenny O’Brien—and literally begged him to only book them six nights a week in order to give Karen and the band a day of rest; it really wasn’t a “day of rest” because of the distance that they needed to travel for the next gig. Sundance played a continuous loop of venues from Maine to Florida.

After about eight years, the band members decided to call it quits; in September 1981, they played their last show in Lake George, New York. They all stayed in touch. Some went to new bands, others went back to school, started families and/or got the essential “day jobs” they all were avoiding during the touring years.

Original band members:

  • George Wehrlin- Bass
  • Karen Cappelli- Vocals, guitar
  • David Smith- Vocals, lead guitar
  • Mike Gleason- Percussion
  • Peter Nadeau- Keyboards, vocals

In the spring of 2014, original band members George, Karen, Mike and David got together for a jam with fellow musician, Normand Thibeault (former vocals and guitar for RI bands, Toys and The Shades). Recalling stories of past on-the-road insanity and invoking songs of yesteryear, it became apparent to them this was something that had been missing from their lives… and besides that, it was just plain fun! Everyone then decided to dust off the cobwebs and put a band together, or even the band again.

And so it was decided, and a band was formed. George mentioned he was looking for a keyboardist, as Peter Nadeau had moved away to pursue other music ventures; through a mutual music lover and friend, the late John Castriotta, Billy Maine was contacted, given a song list, and about a week later was brought in for rehearsal and became the 6th and final piece of the band. Mike Gleason retired from the band in 2017 and local fan favorite drummer, Bobby Myron, joined the band seamlessly.

This is now…

Sundance band members today:

  • George Wehrlin- Bass
  • Karen Cappelli- Vocals, guitar
  • David Smith- Vocals, lead guitar
  • Bob Myron- Percussion
  • Normand Thibeault- Vocals, guitar
  • Billy Maine- Keyboards, accordion

The band plays all over RI and has enjoyed a variety of venues since starting to play out in mid-2014.